240, Diary Page18 November 2012
ink on paper
36 x 28cm
© Gerda Teljeur 2012
  219, Diary page 16 October 2011
ink on paper
36 x 28cm
© Gerda Teljeur 2011


Like Life Itself by Irish based artist Gerda Teljeur comprises of over three hundred pen and ink drawings produced over the course of a year. Responding to the intimate nature of the arts centre's upper gallery, Teljeur has substituted her customary large-scale drawings for smaller unframed pieces. Producing a work every day throughout 2011, this exhibition marks a new departure through the artist’s explorations into the manipulation of density and space between parallel lines. As with Teljeur’s previous work, the exploration of line and space is the material through which other subjects are meditated on or felt. Independent of any reasoning process, the artist adopts a technique which is similar to the act of free form writing and as such the drawings serve to integrate and rework the hidden activity of the subconscious and in doing so form an abstract language. The artist’s repetitive and cumulative process of drawing interrelates with the way in which thoughts and memories occur, and each work has the potential to evoke a complex range of emotions.

Text © Catherine Bowe, Wexford Arts Centre 2013





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